Dr Balu Pitchiah MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST,MBA (OXON)



Could Your Hobby Help With Anxiety?

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A wide range of different approaches can be used to treat anxiety, but a recent review of the scientific evidence has suggested that enjoying a hobby such as knitting could have a dramatic effect. Knitting is a particularly good hobby for our mental health as it has been shown to help with everything from our cognitive abilities to our mood. However, there are plenty of other hobbies that can have a beneficial effects too if knitting isn’t your thing. Read More

Can Exercise Help with ADHD?

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Getting ADHD treatment right usually requires a multifaceted approach. Medication can play a part in it, but it can be just as important to think about your lifestyle, behaviour patterns and diet. One of the tools that can be used to manage ADHD effectively is exercise.

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