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More People Are Worrying About Mental Health

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As many as 1 in 4 people in the UK will be affected by some kind of mental health problem every year. Some will seek treatment from their GP or a private psychiatrist in London, but others may try to manage their symptoms alone. However, attitudes are changing and more people are becoming aware of the importance of mental health.

Growing Awareness of Mental Health

Mental health has always been important, but it is an issue that people used to feel very uncomfortable discussing, even with their families or their doctor. More of us are now willing to speak up or to see a private psychiatrist in London when we need help. We are also more aware of other people’s wellbeing and the need to care for one another. The increasing importance placed on mental health was made clear by a recent survey which found that attitudes had changed even over the past year.

  • 32% of those surveyed said that mental health was the health issue they cared most about
  • Only 16% gave the same response when the survey was conducted a year earlier
  • Mental health was second only to cancer in the number of people who stated it was their main concern
  • 58% of people thought that more investment was needed in mental health services

Why Are People Worried About Mental Health?

The increasing number of people who are concerned about mental wellbeing and mental health services in the UK is partly a response to more media coverage of these issues. Changing attitudes and the internet have also enabled both celebrities and other people to be more open about their own mental health concerns. We are talking about mental health much more frequently and honestly, so more of us are aware of just how important it is. People are also more likely to seek help from a therapist or private psychiatrist in London as they feel more comfortable asking for support. However, the growing concern about mental health also reflects the fact that many people feel in need of help or believe that mental health services in the UK need to be improved.

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