Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder ( ADHD )

ADHD ( Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder) refers to a pattern of problems related to attention and behavior, which are usually picked up in early childhood and teenage years. Some of these can persist in Adult life and require ongoing ADHD treatment. The most common symptoms are.
  • Unusually over-active
  • Getting distracted all the time, cannot stick to doing something for any length of time
  • Impulsive, and does things on the spur of the moment without thinking
  • Has great difficult in concentrating.
Many of us may have some of these problems. To have the diagnosis of ADHD, these problems must be bad enough to interfere with how you get on with other people or with how you perform at work or school ADHD treatment may then be required.

The good news is that most symptoms of ADHD tend to get better with age but some of the symptoms can continue into adulthood. The over-activity usually gets less, but impulsivity, poor concentration and risk-taking can get worse. These can interfere with your work, learning and how you get on with other people.

Depression, anxiety feelings of low self-esteem and drug misuse are more common in adults with ADHD.

ADHD treatment London
“I am so sorry, but wasn’t paying attention to what I was thinking “

Diagnosing Attention Deficit Disorder and Attention Hyperactivity Disorder can be difficult. As with most psychological conditions however, there are certain symptoms that remain common among most cases and a professional consultation is warranted.

Typically ADD / ADHD symptoms include:

  • Trouble Concentrating or Following Details
  • Not Being Able to Focus when Others are Speaking
  • Poor Organisation Skills
  • Losing Things on a Regular Basis
  • General Forgetfulness
  • Restlessness and Fidgeting
  • Inability to Sit or Lie Still
  • Short Attention Span
  • Speaking Too Loudly or Quickly
  • General Impatience
  • Tendency to Interrupt
  • Constant Mind-Changing
  • Irritability at Small Things

ADHD Treatment and Diagnosis

Assessment for ADHD can be a lengthy process involving review of your childhood history and a detailed evaluation of your current functioning. It is important to rule out other possible mental or physical causes and to understand how your symptoms are affecting you before deciding whether ADHD treatment is needed. A diagnosis of ADHD will depend on your symptoms, how long they’ve been present and the impact they have.

Call Dr Balu to discuss your concerns and ask for an assessment. Often a simple intervention can make a huge difference to your day to day life. ADHD treatment can be just as much about finding better ways to stay organised or focused as it is about taking medication. Every person requires a unique approach to enable them to enjoy a fulfilling life and career.

ADHD treatment may include the following:

  • Medication to control symptoms
  • Support at work or in school
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) or other therapies to help you to manage your symptoms
  • Therapy sessions to help you understand more about your condition
  • Lifestyle advice such as diet, exercise and sleep tips

Dr Balu can advise you in medical management of ADHD including use of stimulants and lifestyle modifications, nutritional balance and ADHD specific coaching.

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