PWYW Pay What You Want

Why Dr Balu?

I am a Psychiatrist which means I can prescribe medication and offer talking treatments. I have specialist qualification and interest in treatment of common mental health problems like Anxiety, Depression, ADHD,Bipolar Disorder, Sleep and sexual issues and general emotional wellness.

I have worked as a doctor in the NHS and private practice in London and an investment manager in the financial services industry and have many other interests including emotions in decision making and PWYW in Health care (value based pricing model). Many people are reluctant to have a conversation for number of reasons and I want to be able to change that. Personal transformation can often start with a simple conversation. Let’s talk and share the benefit of therapeutic conversation/consultation.

When a patient meets a health professional, they get value out of the Consultation/conversation /intervention. The health professional sells their time and expertise. Instead of setting a fixed fee for a service, the patients are encouraged to consider the “value” they receive and decide on the fee they would like to pay. This approach, we believe is the Ultimate way to empower health care consumers and enable health care providers as co-investors in the patient’s journey to wellness.

You will have an option of choosing the date and time of your appointment and book it online. Because of the nature of this model we don't allow cancellations but can allow appointments to be rebooked in the future with 48 hours notice. You will get an email confirmation of your booking.

What is Pay What You Want (PWYW)?

No two-person’s health problem is similar. Two people may suffer from the same disease or have the same diagnosis, but the impact of the disease on them is different and the cost to alleviate suffering is different. In many ways the Value to the patient from a health provider is variable.

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