What is Depression ?

Depression is  low mood, that lasts for a long time and affects your everyday life. In its mildest form, depression may not stop you from leading a normal life, but makes everything harder and less enjoyable.At its most severe, depression can be life-threatening because it can make you feel suicidal or simply give up the will to live.

When does low mood become a sign of depression?

Being upset when something goes wrong or feeling a bit low is normal. If these feelings persist, they don’t improve when something good happens, or they are very severe then you might be depressed However, depression can cause a range of different mental and physical symptoms that can make it difficult to recognise when you need depression treatment.

Symptoms of depression can include:

  • Persistent feelings of unhappiness or hopelessness
  • Anxiety
  • Fatigue or low energy
  • Aches and pains
  • Loss of interest in your usual activities
  • Difficulty maintaining relationships with friends, family or at work
  • Loss of appetite or libido
  • Suicidal or self-harming thoughts

If you think that you might be depressed or you’re concerned about your emotional wellbeing then it is important to seek depression treatment. Depression isn’t just a low mood that you can fix through willpower alone. It can be a serious medical condition that requires careful management.

Dr Balu’s Approach to Depression Treatment

Being Unhappy is not always depression and Depression doesn’t always manifest as unhappiness. If you are feeling down or have other possible symptoms of depression then the first step is to discuss how you are feeling with Dr Balu. He will help you to understand your feelings and provide a diagnosis and depression treatment if necessary.

Shame and Guilt gets in the way of some calling for help. It can also be difficult to recognise the symptoms of depression in yourself or to find the energy to seek help. However, taking this step can make a big difference. Depression treatment can help to relieve your symptoms and provide tools for managing them when they appear.

Dr Balu may recommend some of the following treatments for depression:

  • Medication to relieve symptoms, usually in the short term
  • One to one therapy with Dr Balu to discuss how you feel, what could be triggering your emotions and how to manage your depression
  • Behavioural therapies or CBT to learn ways of managing your symptoms by changing the way you think about your emotions and respond to negative feelings
  • Lifestyle changes such as improving your diet or getting more exercise can often help with depression treatment
  • Joining a support group or talking to people who have experienced depression themselves
Depression Help Clinic

Be assured that we understand those emotions which get in the way of your recovery. Depression treatment can help you to understand and manage your feelings, which can make a significant difference to your daily life. Get in touch to learn more about Dr Balu’s approach and the many treatment options that are available to help you. Leave your contact details and we will call you.

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