Dr Balu Pitchiah MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST,MBA (OXON)

Tips for Managing ADHD at School or Work

Getting the right ADHD treatment can improve your focus and make it easier to do well in the classroom or at work. However, there are some additional tricks you can use to help yourself to work or study.

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Create the Right Environment

A calm, quiet environment with few distractions is the best place for a person with ADHD to work or study. Do what you can to improve the environment around you. Even if you don’t have much control, you may still be able to choose a seat at the front of the classroom or a quieter corner of the office. You may also be able to eliminate certain distractions, for example by installing a program that limits internet access or turning your phone off.

Take Regular Breaks

Many people with ADHD find that they get more done when they work in shorter chunks and take regular breaks. You might want to get up to move around a little or to take a five minute meditation break to practice the relaxation techniques you’ve learned as part of your ADHD treatment.

Find Tools That Keep You Organised

Learning more about yourself is an important part of ADHD treatment. When you recognise the problems your condition can cause, it is possible to find solutions for them. For example, if you have trouble with timekeeping you can set reminders on your phone. If you struggle to keep track of multiple projects and deadlines, a good planning app or diary can help.

Get Support from the People Around You

If you are still in school then your teacher will probably know something about ADHD, but they won’t know much about you as an individual. Sitting down for a chat will enable you to explain your own unique situation and to learn more about the support they can provide. Talking to your boss at work can be equally helpful, but you may find that you need to educate them about ADHD in order to get the support you need.

It can also be helpful to talk to classmates or colleagues to ensure that they understand and accept your behaviour. You might actually find that when you explain the tricks you use to stay focused and organised, other people will want to make use of them too.