Dr Balu Pitchiah MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST,MBA (OXON)



The Importance of a Long Term Approach to Drug Addiction Treatment

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Many drug addiction treatment programmes in London focus on short term care, helping you to get clean and overcome any physical effects of your addiction. However, while you may need more intensive care during the initial stages of recovery, it is important to have ongoing support too. Every individual’s needs are different, but there are three main ways in which this longer term drug addiction treatment can help you.

Drug Addiction Treatment

1. Giving You Someone to Turn To

Having a long term connection with a doctor or therapist ensures that you always have someone to talk to in London when you need it. If you encounter any triggers or you need extra help when going through difficult events such as moving home, you will have a familiar face to talk to. Building a good relationship with your doctor can make it easier to open up and help you to stay committed to recovery.

2. Helping You to Overcome the Causes of Addiction

Addiction happens for many different reasons. Understanding why it happened to you can help you to stay clean and to get any additional help you need to overcome these issues. For example, it may be helpful to discuss events in your past so that you can recognise and change harmful patterns of behaviour. You might also have additional mental health conditions such as depression or anxiety that require treatment. Addressing these issues can be a long term or even lifelong process, but tackling the causes of addiction can be vital for your recovery.

3. Rebuilding Your Life

Another important aspect of long term drug addiction treatment in London is that it can provide the support you need to stay motivated and build a fulfilling life for yourself. An experienced doctor can help you to rebuild healthy connections with friends and family, to return to work, and to achieve your goals.


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