Dr Balu Pitchiah MBBS, MRCPsych, CCST,MBA (OXON)



The Importance of a Long Term Approach to Drug Addiction Treatment

Many drug addiction treatment programmes in London focus on short term care, helping you to get clean and overcome any physical effects of your addiction. However, while you may need more intensive care during the initial stages of recovery, it is important to have ongoing support too. Every individual’s needs are different, but there are three main ways in which this longer term drug addiction treatment can help you.

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What is Bipolar Disorder and Why Does It Happen?

If you or someone you know have been diagnosed with bipolar disorder then you may be wondering what this means and why it has happened. We don’t yet understand everything about this disorder, but treatment can help to manage the symptoms and reduce the impact on daily life, work and relationships.

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More People Are Worrying About Mental Health

As many as 1 in 4 people in the UK will be affected by some kind of mental health problem every year. Some will seek treatment from their GP or a private psychiatrist in London, but others may try to manage their symptoms alone. However, attitudes are changing and more people are becoming aware of the importance of mental health.

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Does Living Together Cause Relationship Problems?

Relationship problems can happen for all kinds of reasons, but many of the most common arguments that couples have stem from the everyday difficulties of living together. Sharing a home for the first time can reveal a whole new side of your partner, which might include some less welcome habits. Living together for a long time can also put a strain on your relationship, particularly if you have different ideas about how your home should be.

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Could Your Hobby Help With Anxiety?

A wide range of different approaches can be used to treat anxiety, but a recent review of the scientific evidence has suggested that enjoying a hobby such as knitting could have a dramatic effect. Knitting is a particularly good hobby for our mental health as it has been shown to help with everything from our cognitive abilities to our mood. However, there are plenty of other hobbies that can have a beneficial effects too if knitting isn’t your thing. Read More

How Eating Disorders Disrupt Your Sleep

Eating disorders can affect all areas of your life. One of the lesser known impacts of eating disorders in adults is the way that it can disrupt your sleep. Not getting enough rest can have a dramatic impact on your mood, so it can exacerbate the feelings of anxiety and depression that may be linked with your eating problems. Lack of sleep can also make it even harder for us to focus and make the right decisions during the day. Enabling you to get a better night’s rest can therefore be an important part of your treatment for an eating disorder. Read More

What Causes OCD?

Although obsessive compulsive disorder or OCD is a relatively common disorder, we still do not understand why it happens. Doctors and scientists are still asking the question what is OCD and trying to identify its causes.

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Can Exercise Help with ADHD?

Getting ADHD treatment right usually requires a multifaceted approach. Medication can play a part in it, but it can be just as important to think about your lifestyle, behaviour patterns and diet. One of the tools that can be used to manage ADHD effectively is exercise.

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